Fix Discord Installation Has Failed Issue in Windows 10

In this how-to guide, we are going to share some easy troubleshooting steps to fix Discord Installation Has Failed error on Windows Machines.

If you are a person playing a lot of PC games then you need to know and introduce yourself with Discord. Essentially this can be Skype for gamers and the service that is given is designed to help players to communicate as well as coordinate with some of the private servers and that will help you to send text as well as voice-chat with other people with whom you are playing a game. Discord is a gaming application that helps gamers to communicate with each other.

The Discord application works totally in a different manner it works with desktop as well as mobile platforms and that will combine the different features of a chat lobby as well as send message board and also great a different chatting system and this all can be set in one particular software and that will not try to hog the resources on your phone or on your PC.

Discord Installation Has Failed Issue

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How to Fix Discord Installation Has Failed Issue?

Discord is popular and it has multiplied in recent years, and with this, the app is crossing over 90 million and all the users are registered ones. If you are looking for a group for PUBG with this software you can communicate easily and this will play the role as an entire server of Minecraft players or in-fact it is just hanging out online with a new group of friends and with this, you should keep reading and then start learning what this growing platform basically offers.

You need to find out that Discord can come across various issues, and the majority of them have something to do with corrupted files. Discord is designed to be safe, has many methods to be safe, but it doesn’t mean that you’re safe.

Follow these steps to fix the Discord Installation on your Windows-

Method-1 – Force Stop Discord

On your keyboard click on Ctrl press shift Shift and click Esc, click all the three keys on your keyboard at the same time.

By doing this you will be able to launch the Task Manager on your Windows.

The processor tab will be launched from the Task Manager and then search for any entry associated with Discord.

Select Discord-related processes and then you can automatically End the Task.

End the Task

Open Task Manager and click on the search icon.

In the search, column types Control Panel and then click on Enter.

Uninstall a Program of your choice and you will select the program category.

On the Discord right click on the mouse button and click on Uninstall option.

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Method-2 – Remove APPDATA

Launch and Run dialog box and then press Windows Key as well as R on your keyboard.

Run the dialog box and then type “%appdata%” and then click OK on your PC.

Delete the %LocalAppData%/Discord and %AppData%/Discord folders and you will see them.

Restart your Windows device.

How do I completely delete discord on your Windows?

Try to end all the programs that are running on the PC.

End Discord’s window and try running that window on your computer.

Right-click your mouse button and the taskbar will be opened and select Task Manager on your device.

Then check running processes that are working on the background, also keep in mind that Discord’s associated process has been stopped or disabled on your device.

How to Reinstall Discord on your Windows?

To Reinstall Discord on your Device follow these steps-

Running administrator if failed on your Windows and facing any problem then see the Discord not updating and facing issue then it is worth reinstalling the application.

Click on the installer link and try to run it. If in case you are not able to solve the issue you can reinstall Discord completely on your Device.

If you face any problem or any issue in reinstalling Discord then you need to close the task manager down and try again later.

How to update Discord on Windows 10?

Method-1: Disable Windows Defender

In Cortana Search, type and run Settings.

Go to Update & Security and then go to Windows Security option and select Virus & threat protection and then Manage settings of your Device.

Toggle and Turn on real-time protection option to the off mode and Save all the changes that you have made and then Exit the Application.

Method-2: Install to a Different Folder

In some cases, users have reported a successful Discord update when installing it in a different folder. This will not hurt any storage capacity of your device and at the same time, it will solve the issue.

Select and finalize the Discord folder on your device and then move all your data to that particular location.

Start the update process and select the new folder location when you need to choose the place of installation and location that needs to be selected by install wizard.


Discord is a gaming application that aids gamers to communicate with one another. Usually, when Discord may not be used, users opt to reinstall the program. After reading this whole article and following our instructions, you should have the ability to utilize Discord without having issues.

If you’ve got further questions or if you must fix other similar issues, don’t hesitate and contact us we will always attempt to develop the ideal tutorials for your Windows 10

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