Best Email Clients For Windows 10 To Manage All Emails in One App

The outpouring of mails directed towards your way never break off. In that case, you certainly need to have an uncomplicated and effective Windows 10 app to execute your work more smoothly. Sometimes the Mail app that comes with Windows 10 is good for some people but if you have started working from home then you might be interested in loads of other E-Mail clients which can be proved more effective and easy to use, having an appropriate Mail app is vital now, more than ever.

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Email Clients For Windows 10

Email Clients are a very popular tool for users in the IT sector and there are many reasons why they want to make use of them. The following are the top three reasons why they prefer to use these email clients:

1: If you can use the email client for Windows you will get a faster response because of its advanced functionality. This will enable you to keep track of all the important details in your business and get the best out of your company’s communication.

2: Using email clients for Windows is also much safer and less risky than using other email software solutions. They are designed and made to keep your emails safe and protected and you don’t have to worry about spam and other viruses because they will automatically delete the messages that they don’t recognize from the server on their own.

3: Since email clients are designed and developed by professionals, they are reliable and easy to use. Unlike other email software solutions that are often time-consuming to download and install, these clients are very easy to install and manage. They also come with advanced features that allow you to create your own templates and send emails in multiple categories. These templates will give your emails a professional look and will always be appreciated by your customers.

We are going to recommend some of the exceptional apps that can help you work efficiently.

  1. eM Client

eM Client

The best thing about this Mail app is the in-complex interface. It is fixated on easy to use instead of adding numberless additional features. It also allows you to add multiple accounts as well, although with the free version it is limited to 02 email accounts. It also provides some additional features as described below:

  • Calendar and Tasks.
  • Contacts.
  • Notes.
  • Chats.
  • Theme customization.
  • Touch support.
  • Localization (Multilanguage).
  1. Mailbird

You may be familiar with this one if you have used Sparrow on MacBook. This app is intelligibly incomparable. It also supports multiple email accounts. It has the features of simple keyboard shortcuts, pervasive label, and folder search along with supporting HTML emails. Some of the significant features you get with this app are:

  • Attachment search (You can search your attachments very smoothly).
  • Multi-language supporting app.
  • You can snooze less relevant emails.
  • It has a speed reader feature for accelerated reading.
  • It also has an App integration feature that enables you to link your Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Google calendar accounts to Mailbird.
  1. Mozilla Thunderbird

This email client can be extended based on your requirements. If you need an additional feature you can simply search and add it as an extension with Mozilla Thunderbird. It allows you to handle accounts that operate under IMAP, SMTP, and SSL/TLS protocols. Some of the additional features are:

  • It introduces many useful extra features.
  • Address book (One-click to add people swiftly).
  • Attachment reminder (Pops up before sending a mail).
  • Multiple email tabs.

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  1. Clean mail

Clean mail

As you can probably guess from the name, this email app is for those who want to keep their emails organized and their inbox empty. This meticulous accession is designed to keep your inbox almost relatively empty. So if you are looking for something which helps you to organize your inbox well enough, then Clean mail is one fine option for you. It helps you attain this by its impressive filters and keynotes which automatically move emails into related groups that you can manage in bulk afterward. For a more detailed explanation, understand it like this:

  • Set your clean mail to delete all Facebook or any specific notifications mail.
  • You can also label all the emails coming from your colleagues to a certain group.
  • Set a dedicated folder for any specific sender.
  • Instruct clean mail to implement certain steps when new mail turns up.
  1. Mailspring

If you are looking for a well-constructed user interface with interrelated additional features, then Mailspring is a first-rate choice for you. Packed with activity tracking, this email app offers you read receipts and link tracking options. It also has a snoozing support option that upholds to swipe the emails in snooze messages and stipulate when you’d like them to reemerge in your inbox. It has great synthesis with Gmail features. You can add countless email accounts on the paid version. What makes it more interesting? It allows you to join up with every eminent email provider and IMAP/SMTP as well; therefore you get a unified inbox for all the added email accounts.

  1. Postbox


You want to check out a modern and uncomplicated email management system for Windows 10 then Postbox is your answer. With a well-designed user interface, it has numerous options to handle the emails well-balanced such as:

  • It is compatible with Outlook, Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo, AOL, Fastmail, and various POP/IMAP email accounts.
  • Add multiple email accounts and see all the unread emails at the same time.
  • Powerful search performance.
  • Several free themes to opt for.
  • Assistance through pre-canned responses which moreover provides more than 300 pre-formatted clips to add pro-creation in your emails.

Final Words

We hope the above-mentioned list of E-mail clients for Windows 10 will help you manage your mails. Go through each one in order and choose as per your preferences and requirements. We have also mentioned their respective features in detail.

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